Refocus your team with unprecedented agility

You must deliver immediate results or counter a competitive threat… Now! Use the tools to quickly launch and expertly manage any type of motivation incentive: dollar or unit sales increases – margin enhancement – customer acquisition – first call resolution – call quality – training – customer satisfaction scores – cost reductions…Whatever you need to improve, whenever. Flexibility is king: custom, self-reporting forms or automated, metrics-based incentives with secure data upload or system integration. It’s all available, the moment you need it.

Great performance starts with clear goals

Use the tools to set goals by Business Unit, by team or even by individual, based on previous performance. Easy tools ensure each campaign is tied to the right budget and – more important, that you never spend more than you should. Like any change initiative, motivation – getting an enthusiastic commitment from the people responsible for delivering improvement – is crucial. Early input, on-going communication and appropriate rewards are key ingredients to success.


Focusing on the middle 60 can pay huge dividends

Expecting everyone to deliver the same results, at the same pace, is a foolish quest. Instead, use our easy segmentation tools to group participants into tiers such as Top 20, Middle 60 and Bottom 20% – and tailor communications, targets and rewards appropriately for each segment. Focusing the bulk of your efforts to motivate the middle of the pack can pay huge dividends. You can also easily target offers by brand, product line, geographical location, area of expertise, job function, etc.


Positive reinforcement along the way is paramount to stoke a culture of high performance. Rewards Nation’s highly efficient, multi-faceted communication system makes it a breeze to keep everyone abreast of success stories and milestones reached along the way. Demonstrable personal progress and well-deserved praise is key to keeping everyone motivated and accountable for delivering promised performance.


A tough economic climate calls for total reward flexibility

Who are we to dictate what employees will strive for, especially when times are tough? Personal best should be rewarded with personal choice – even if it means extra cash to make ends meet. With Rewards Nation, you have free reign to offer our fabulous points-based catalog with millions of reward options, or you can use your company’s in-kind rewards – or even cash through Payroll. High on expectations but low on means? Stretch your incentive budget by drawing for points, event tickets or even the hottest electronic gizmo; use your company-branded merchandise, a prized parking spot or a gift card for a special dinner with the family. There are no barriers.

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Incredibly Flexible Performance Incentives At A Glance

Launch any new incentive or sales contest in minutes:

  • First call resolution
  • Call quality
  • Schedule adherence
  • Dollar or unit sales increase
  • Margin enhancement
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Retention
  • Health & Wellness
  • Employee Referrals
  • Safety
  • Product Knowledge
  • Cost Reductions

Metrics based payouts:

  • Incremental Payout – Dollar / Unit / Task One
  • Single Target – Hit Target and Win
  • Incremental Payout with Minimum
  • Single Target plus Variable – Hit and Win and Win again
  • Multi Target – Threshold
  • Incremental Payout, Multi-Tiered – Up To and Over
  • Incremental Payout and Bonus, Multi-Tiered – Custom
  • Individualized Targets

Incentive Module features:

  • Multiple, concurrent campaigns, multiple audiences
  • Target selected groups, categories or product lines
  • Rapid deployment
  • Global and local
  • Internal and external Dealer/Channel incentives
  • Fully configurable
  • Link to training modules
  • Training quizzes
  • Email campaign tools and templates
  • Triggered emails
  • Participant registration page and approval
  • Custom audience-based Welcome pages
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Set incentive logic and rules
  • API – web services integration options
  • Automated xml or excel data synch
  • Excel batch data upload
  • Instant prize award
  • Individual participant and manager targets
  • Individual participant accounts
  • Individual ranking and performance graphs
  • Self-reporting forms
  • Mobile option
  • Single Sign-On options
  • Budget management
  • System integration
  • Leader boards
  • Permission-based admin tools
  • Unusual Activities alerts
  • To-Do administrator notifications
  • Downloadable reports
  • Extensive points-based rewards catalogue
  • Option to provide your own rewards

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