The perfect complement to manager feedback

Imagine the depth and positivity you’ll add to any performance review when peers highlight the personal strengths and values that each employee contributes, with real-life examples captured as they happen, throughout the year.

Our employee Strengths index is fully customized to reflect the strengths especially valued by your company.


It’s all in the Recognition Cloud

One quick look at our unique Recognition Cloud lets you know immediately which of your Core Values employees support in their particular roles, which awards they won, how many peers they’ve recognized as well as who they nominated for a special award.

Taking the steps to educate and reward employees who support your initiatives and contribute to your culture is no longer challenging. It simply involves celebrating success socially.



A unique repository of crowd-sourced intelligence

Rewards Nation’s recognition reports help you retrieve CultureStories with detailed anecdotes of what employees do right when they’re at their best as witnessed by their manager and colleagues, completing a true picture of each employee’s strengths and level of engagement.