Empower committees with better, faster, smarter collaboration.

There are times throughout the year when you want to celebrate special achievements and the people who exemplify your corporate values.

You can now call for award nominations, create review committees on the fly, identify top candidates, garner votes and comments, submit winners for approval, print certificates and communicate your corporate or departmental-level award winners in one simple application.

Involving peers helps shape perceptions of fairness.

No matter how dispersed, our nomination tools make it easy to involve your entire workforce – or just specific groups – in helping identify colleagues most deserving of your special awards. They too will feel important and valued.


Get set… Ready… Launch! (… and remind.)

Of course, everyone is busy and may need a friendly nudge from time to time. Fortunately, your Rewards Nation platform puts an entire communication system at your fingertips to help announce new initiatives, call for nominations, provide reminders and updates, create To-Do lists, print certificates and declare winners!


Get the insights you’ve been craving.

Your award nomination forms – easily customized for each award – serve several purposes:

  • Mobilize everyone while letting them know that their opinion matters
  • Reinforce what is valued in terms of individual contribution
  • Capture critical information about people and performance
  • Reveal and reward your most engaged.



Enjoy the flexibility to reward award winners as appropriate

Along with a beautiful certificate printable right from the Rewards Nation platform, you may choose to award points redeemable for an impressive array of rewards, present your own commemorative plaque or trophy or gift – or all three. Your awards will be that much more valued when truly customized for each recipient.

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Formal Employee Awards At A Glance

  • Customizable award nomination forms
  • Individual or team awards
  • Assign nomination review committees
  • Committee voting options
  • One-click approval, or
  • Up to three levels of approval
  • Award approval delegation option
  • Simple winner uploads (without nominations)
  • Custom virtual and print-ready certificates
  • Point award guidelines or set rules
  • Point award budgets
  • Hierarchy-based, automated winner notifications
  • Committee To-Do email notifications
  • Communication system with custom templates
  • Extensive points-based rewards catalog
  • Option to provide your own rewards
  • Downloadable reports

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