Cross all worries off your list. We’re in this together.

You can count on our team’s dedication, commitment and perseverance in making sure that your expectations are well understood, and then we’ll exceed them.

We’ll help transform your multiple, haphazard initiatives into one strategic program that gives you a clear line-of-sight across all activities and outcomes.

On-boarding, coaching and support

Our on-boarding program will set you up with a foundation for success. We’ll guide you through implementation and launch activities, and we’ll organize training sessions for administrators and managers to ensure you’re achieving your maximum recognition potential.


Designed by us. Implemented by us.
Made only for you.

At the very start, we’ll set-up a special Project Collaboration website and provide direct access to a small team of experts dedicated to your program.

Program implementation starts with the setting of Measures of Success tracking to delight your CEO. Next, our designers will get to work on your very own series of values-based recognition e-cards and certificates all embedded in a beautifully designed website that reflects your corporate brand and culture.

Finally, with your help, we’ll set your hierarchy, role-based permissions, various budgets, rules and guidelines, and create participant accounts. You can be ready to launch in less than 30 days.


Technology at your service, not the other way around

Building solid, easy-to-use software is our primary objective. Our innovative, multi-tenant architecture lets us provide fast deployments without the involvement of your IT department.

We release regular updates and enhancements at no extra cost to you, for the lifetime of our partnership.