How does the pricing work?

Rewards Nation provides software-as-a-service licensing on a per user, per month basis. Standard, regular upgrades are available to all of our clients at no additional cost

Our pricing is completely independent of your point awards, leaving you entirely free to award points – or not, or provide your own rewards, as appropriate.

How much is a point worth?

Most of our clients use 1 point = $0.01 for simplicity but others prefer to use a different value. Rewards Nation is completely flexible and can accommodate any point value you prefer.

What is the minimum number of participants?

Although we can accommodate any number of participants, the system works best for 200 participants and above.

How long does it take to implement the standard version of Rewards Nation?

Provided that we have all of your participant information, we can usually fully customize your system in 30 days or less.

Is Rewards Nation a cookie-cutter website?

The Rewards Nation platform is fully customizable and configurable to your specific needs.

Do we have to give out points?

Absolutely not. As an option, all Rewards Nation modules work without the points-based catalogs.

Can we add our own product to the Rewards options?

Yes! We can include your company’s promotional products, branded merchandise, and even non-monetary, fun rewards like days off, a prized parking spot and casual dress days. The options are virtually limitless.

If you are providing the software, are we on our own once the website has been launched?

We’re truly in this together! Our dedicated Client Care team will be with you every step of the way, from the design and implementation stage to pre-launch training, during launch and post launch. You will find our team highly accessible.

If we only take one module, can we add the others later on?

Of course! We can turn on new modules in mere minutes.

Is Rewards Nation only for employees?

Although our recognition modules work best for employees, our Incentives modules address the specific needs for dealer and channel partners magnificently.

We’re simply looking to launch a Service Award Program, is Rewards Nation for us?

Rewards Nation’s platform does include an automated Service Award Program coupled with any of our recognition or incentives modules. However, we don’t currently offer a stand alone Service Award module.